Nibenay vs Hamanu rap battle

Courtesy of ChatGTP.

Write a rap battle between Nibenay, king of Nibenay and Hamanu, king of Urik from the Dark Sun setting .

I step up to the mic, and I’m ready to shine
I’m the ruler of Nibenay, and I rule with an iron spine
I’ve got the power, and I’m here to reign
You can try to battle me, but you’ll be put to shame

I may not rule Nibenay, but I am the king of Urik
I am the mightiest of the champions, and I wear the golden rings
I’ve got strength and courage, and I won’t back down
I’ll take you on in this rap battle, and I’ll wear the crown

You may have strength and courage, but I’ve got power and might
I’m the sorcerer-king of Nibenay, and I rule with an iron fist
I’ll crush you with my magic, and you’ll fall to your knees
You can’t compete with me, Hamanu, so just give up and flee

You may have magic and power, but I’ve got brute force and skill
I’ll knock you down with my fists, and I’ll make you pay the bill
I may not have magic spells, but I rule over Urik
I’ll take you down in this battle, and I’ll make you kowtow to my feet

You may think you’re tough, but you’re just a brute
I’ll destroy you with my words, and I’ll make you mute
I’m the mighty Nibenay, and I won’t be defeated
I’ll reign supreme in this rap battle, and you’ll be deleted

But I won’t back down, I’ll keep on fighting
I’ll never give up, I’ll keep on writing
I may not have magic, but I rule a city of steel
I’ll take you down in this rap battle, and I’ll be the one to take control.