Obsidian Retriever


What sourcebook is the Sirocco spell shown here?

The nearest I can find is either the 6th lvl spell Blood Sirocco or the Pathfinder spell.

Huh. Is this Pathfinder?

Maybe it’s this:

No, it’s 3.5e, not Pathfinder. That except is from Terrors of Athas. I was expecting a D&D 3.5e spell.

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The 3.5e DS Rules from Athas.org.


I had forgotten about the spells in there.

Thank you.


No problem.

I’m really surprised they didn’t mark that and any other spells from the DS Rules with an asterisk or something. :thinking: :man_shrugging:

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Maybe that’s something to consider for the upcoming new edition of the 3.5e rules…


Good idea. I have some ideas about spells that could be powers as well. Given that Dark Sun is a psionics heavy setting, certain powers have been overlooked, such as the psionic version of programmed amnesia.

Umm, no. Marking the spells FROM the 3.5e DS Rules as such when they appear in other Athas.org products (like ToA) is what I meant. The spells that are new and appear IN the 3.5e DS Rules are clearly marked as such - they’re in the New Spells section.

During an update of the 3.5e DS Rules is not a useful time to do that.