Ok, time to show a bit of stuff on the pterrans

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I told you I would give you a preview of what I am slowing doing:

The Pterrans of the Hinterlands

I have several things done already, but not enouph to worth showing right now. Although, I have this first draft to show you, because I want to be sure I wont be missing anything about ideas, YOU, DSers could add to this work.

This picture (diagram) represents the hierarchy of this pterran society. There is the Triumvirate on the top of it (3 pterrans, one warrior, one psion and one druid). A small council with few advisors from the 3 majors paths and the minors paths (electec among their members).


Of course, you may not know what’s most of the names there (Shattering Order, Earth Mother Champion, etc.). Although, I would like you to wonder of what they all might be and add ideas you always wanted to tell about what you think about the pterrans.

Example: I need ideas and names for somes pterran trading houses, new organisations (standard, special or hidden one), locations, small villages names, importants pterrans members (names or else), flavor (Mach !!!).

Mind: Spyminder, Psychic Messenger, Visionary
Warrior: Insect Hunter, Slimahacc Rider, Pterrax Rider
Druid: Ground Keeper, Traditionalist, Earth Mother Champion
Forsaken: Renegade

What names are called the assembly of : Traditionalist, etc…

If you have ideas, make yourself know!!!

After that, it’s almost finish, I have the Pterran’s timeline!

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Clutch of the Eggborn - A collection of tale-tellers, sages and druids who see Athas as the egg of the Earth Mother and they her children hatched from within. They preserve legends of a time when the egg was cracked by great conflagrations, scorched and ruined. The Eggborn call this time the Doom of the Sih-al-Bhat, named for a dread goddess who warred with the Earth Mother for possession of her egg. Now they seek to gather together the lore and legendry of that epoch, in the hope of learning what may be done to heal the wounds inflicted upon the Earth Mother and her offspring since the time of the Doom.
Some of the Clutch of the Eggborn seek to forge alliances with the other oviparous races of Athas - the aarakocra, the ssurran and the kreen - seeing similarities in their ancient tales with the pterran legends of the Doom of the Sih-al-Bhat. They have taken the Great Earthquake as a sign that the time is upon them to bring the wisdom of the Clutch of the Eggborn to all who would hear it, and even now make their way into the Tablelands, seeking like-minded souls.

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Clutch of the Iron Claw;

Semi-Renegade group of Pterrans, (including Magma clerics), who advocate either adopting more advanced technology (ie Iron, hence the name) or moving into cities wholesale. It’s more radical members are generally shunned by Pterran society, but sometimes more ‘normal’ members are accepted for thier oddities.

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Clutch of Shadows -

This secretive clutch watches from both the fringes of Pterran society and from within. Made up of LG, LN, NG, N mind-benders, druids and the occasional cleric, these Pterrans watch the homeland… but what for, they won’t say…