Old adventures conversion

Did any of you, here, ever managed to convert any 2e adventure to 3.5e?

I know there are a few that have been partially converted (PCs) like Freedom, Arcane Shadow, Merchant HoA and Road to Urik.

Anything else?


Anybody here that managed to create a document his own 3.5e campaign or adventures?

It sounds like I am leeching. It’s actually the case! I’d like to start a new 3.5e darksun campaign. It’s about to be my turn to GM. Although, since my time is quite limited to prepare a campaign, I was looking for help.

HELP !! :sunglasses:

One thing you might consider (because a lot of the dark sun adventures are highly mediocre) is taking adventurers written for another setting but for your ruleset and making them Dark Sun’s flavor.

I don’t remember much of 3.5 but for Pathfinder, the adventure Retribution, for example features gods, a snow storm, and half-goblins, but the half-goblins can be replaced with Gith easy enough, the snow storm becomes a sand storm, and the temple and its gods become a temple of an element (or even a temple of a fake god from the green age that people have maintained over the years and the god just doesn’t grant spell casting). That’s probably 90% of the adventure converted.

I’ve been running a Pathfinder campaign for a couple years. Frankly, the hardest part of the conversion is the power level - the Terrors of Athas 3.0 book monsters are trivial in difficulty compared to equivalent pathfinder CRs. I’m sure if you’re using all of the 241 different 3.5 books that were published by the end, 3.5 will be similar (i.e., 3.5 at max power creep == Pathfinder)

What I find easiest is to just take a monster from the pathfinder book and re-skin it as the equivalent Dark Sun monster. e.g. Girallons in pathfinder are perfect B’Rohgs,
Get a good 3.5 NPC list, and you’re all set to just re-skin and drop monsters and NPCs in.

Let me know if you stumble on a good source of NPC psionicists… because I have not.

i started working on a 3.5 dark sun adaptation of 1e Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, though I haven’t finished it, and given how busy I’ve been lately, likely never will. It has stuff on advanced organic golems and biological power armor, an OP sonic ray-gun, a cosmic plague that causes severe mutation and degeneration, and other stuff like that. If you want to finish adapting it, please go ahead.

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Interesting. I was considering a barrier peaks adaptation myself (with a touch of tale of the comet), but my thought process was to emphasize how much metal was in the ship, the robots, etc. to reinforce the “this does not belong” here aspect.

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i got the idea from the life-shapin rhulisti, and the semi-canon explanation of the Messenger comet.
Essentially, the ship is actually the messenger, which is a Rhulisti Arkship set in orbit before the Brown Tide.