Old School Essentials Dark Sun DMG

Hello everyone!

It is finally here, the third part of my OSE Dark Sun conversion, the Guide for DMs!

This, I am not gonna lie, was the most painful part of this whole thing, as many of the stuff and rules I am showcasing here had to be made from scratch or taken from the dark corners of the web and old books to make this booklet, se yeah, a pain.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you already know I’ve been posting snips of the rules this booklet will include, to which I thank you for all the feedback you gave, lots of your ideas were taken to improve many of these rules to make them better than what I originally intended, you guys are the best!

This booklet comes with:

Rules for awarding experience
Rules for wilderness survival
Rules for inferior materials and equipment breakage
A new list of Adventuring gear adapted for the setting
An expanded list of Athasian weapons with new properties
Land Vehicles
Silt Skimmers and Silt ship combat
Retainers, mercenaries, Specialists and optional rules for slaves
Rules for mass combat and Sieges
Encounter Tables (Using my previously posted Monster Manual)
NPC parties sorted by class
Treasure Tables modified for Athas
Guidelines for Magic Items
Environmental Hazards
Encounter Complications

Next and last part of this project will be character creation, classes and magic. Once again I thank you for all the support, I hope this book is of your liking and that it may come useful on your table!


Please, check my other the booklets of this project, my objective is to convert Dark Sun for OSE in a way that streamlines all of the complexities of 2e in a way that is fun and easy to reference. I will leave links here:

Psionics: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11eDxkZkpuQbH5Ous4UbToVfPFm854Fim/view?usp=sharing
Monster Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12-3XVFjGOwgvNTNAGzwYGTPpjRVSpsLt/view?usp=sharing


This so rad!