Open Call - Amateur Illustrators Wanted for a Volunteer Project!

Hey everyone:

As you may or may not be aware of, my team and I are in the process of finally finishing the Secrets of the Dead Lands book set (and all it’s associated books).

The problem is, we need more images than our poor illustrators can handle.

So I’d like to ask for help from anyone who feels confident in drawing insects, zombies, and landscapes. Any media is fair game.

Feel like becoming a part of history? Feel like helping to set the vision of this setting for all future users to come? Join us!

Respond here or contact me directly by PM for more details!

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Goddamnit I want to say yes to this so bad but I don’t think my schedule could handle it, can you publish a list here and I’ll see what I can help with? (No promises, but I will try to help as much as possible)


Hey Ouroboros:

I understand. That’s why I’m trying not to put too much strain on one single artist.

If you can private message me some of your previous work (especially in the areas of undead, insects, magic items, and desert/volcanic landscapes), then I can come up with some briefs for you to choose from.

I’ll PM you. I might be able to assist

Haven’t done much in those specific areas to be honest, (l’m fresh out of a two year concept artist course) but I do have knack for designing creatures, this is an example of something I’m currantly working on… I have other such things on paper but they are currantly boxed due to a move


Wonderful! This is really good!

Have you drawn human skeletons before?

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I have, though I haven’t done so in some time

If you’d like to have some work in the Dead Lands book, I have an idea. There is a special image I’d like in the book involving a modified elf skeleton with bat wings instead of arms if you’re up for it. There would be human skin stretched and attached between the “fingers” to make the wings.

Just let me know if you’re willing to give it a try and I’ll PM you the details…

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Sure, go ahead, if its more than I can handle I’ll let you know

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Here you go! I knocked this out about an hour after seeing this. I stopped drawing (i prefer to design/write) a long time ago so apologies if its rough I’m using a mechanical pencil.



Don’t sell yourself short, this is pretty good as it is, but I’ll see what I can do to improve it further

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You know what? I like this as it is. We’ll go with it.

But can you please PM me your full name (or how you want me to sign your name) for credit?

As for you, Ouroboros, let me give you another project.

I need as many images as I can get for this book, and I don’t want us to double up on any images?

How would you like to draw a psychic undead sea monster? (Based on tylosaurus)? Give it black shiny skin (as if it’s made of stone), with glowing red eyes.

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Ill give it a go, I do believe its closer to my comfort zone😅
Could you give me a little more detail on its background though? Anything that you can tell me that may affect its design

Certainly. I’ll PM you details.