Optional Rule: Inevitable Metamorphosis

Optional Rule: Inevitable Metamorphosis

Inspired by the lore in Rise and Fall of a Dragon King by Lynn Abbey, this optional rule makes the metamorphosis an unstoppable transformation.

While the metamorphosis can be expedited through casting Defiler or Preserver Metamorphosis epic spells, it’s the gain of a new level that inherently represents the chance or risk of advancing the metamorphosis by one rank. The probability of spontaneous progression increases with each level, starting at 2% at level 22, and cumulative increasing by 2% at each following level, until the maximum chance of spontaneous metamorphosis increases to 50% at level 46. Thereafter, there is a 50% chance of spontaneous metamorphosis at each additional level.
No matter the attempts to delay, the metamorphosis continues until the transformation process is complete. Roll a d100 when a new level is gained. If the result is equal to or less than the listed percentage chance, the metamorphosis advances by one rank.

Level Metamorphosis Chance
22 2%
23 4%
24 6%
25 8%
26 10%
27 12%
28 14%
29 16%
30 18%
31 20%
32 22%
33 24%
34 26%
35 28%
36 30%
37 32%
38 34%
39 36%
40 38%
41 40%
42 42%
43 44%
44 46%
45 48%
46 50%

That’s a fun idea. But I reckon it should bring with it negative consequences, like pain or madness.


According to the rules, that could happen at the 5th stage of the defiler metamorphosis. It’s up to the DM as to whether any character goes insane. If didn’t happen to Dregoth (but the other SMs killed him anyway). Nibenay has countermeasures in place, and is apparently very worried about the possibility of going berserk at any time, but you have to wonder why he worries about it if he isn’t deliberately advancing to the 5th stage. Well, if spontaneous metamorphosis is on the table, it is not in his hands.

As for a PC, I wouldn’t impose madness on their character. Also, there is no reason why this optional rule should not apply to preservers undergoing an avangion metamorphosis.

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