Pallas Valley map and general information - campaign background

Hello everyone,

For those who could be interested, here is a regional map of one of the valleys in the south part of the Ringing mountains :

I will use if for a campaign based in the Pallas trading post, which will include a lot of interactions with the other factions of the valley, and exploration of the valley itself.
The forest in the valley in the north (where there is a small river and a quite large lake) is protected by an athasian treant. The Rivka’s Pass allows commerce with the halfling clans on the other side of the Ringing Moutains, while Aradia’s Pass make it possible to go to the other valley south.
The black lines are depicting the crests of the mountain ranges.

Comments and feedback are welcome !


Double checking my map of the Tyr region I actually spotted some valleys in the south ringing mountains that perfectly fit what you’re doing, so that’s a really nice touch. I’m definitely curious on what factions will be having the spotlight here. This seems primarily focused on the dynamic between independent settlements and the dune trader houses.

However I am curious if the regions marked with monsters will be seeing them as an active force in the valley or more as local predators. For appropriate major monsters for this valley I’ll give tareks a shout out as they are a mountain dwelling intelligent race that seem quite at home in this region.

It is indeed based on the map of the Tyr region. The valley south of the Pallas Valley is the one at the same level as the village of Walis. I juste detailed a bit more the area and the different factions.

Tareks could indeed be one of the factions of the valley. But at the same time I was wondering which factions could be active in the valley to the south, so why not the tareks ?

The real active “factions” are the herders, the giths, the halflings (with a renegade group causing trouble with the other halflings clans based in the village of Wayra, and impeding commerce), the belgois (a small clan of 10), the elves and the slave-tribe.
Herders and elves will be neutral, commercing with the trading post but trying to cheat.
Giths will be the “immediate” threat.
Slave-tribe will be agressive, but with careful approach and negotiation could be turned into ally.
The ones operating the copper mine will be trading more and more with the village of Khira instead of the trading post of Pallas, with opportunities to change that.
And the other monsters will be threats during the exploration of the valley.

It is based on a french campaign named “l’héritier” :

If there is a copper mine going on here, having an outsider power (Celik, dune traders, or perhaps even Balic) that has access to tin could make for an interesting dynamic. After all a decent supply of bronze is invaluable and could motivate just about anyone to get involved. Of course this all depends on how involved you want enterprising powers intruding on the region.