Pathfinder 1e Humble Bundle

For those that are interested… Humble Bundle has a Pathfinder 1e bundle of 39 pdfs for only 25 bucks going until 4/2/2022. As of the writing of this post it said 3 days, 1 hour left.

Link: Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder First Edition Character Options from Paizo Inc. (pay what you want and help charity)

I picked it up and have been looking at People of the Sands. Looks like there may be some interesting options there. Here is the list of all the items in the bundle:

Pay at least $35
Inner Sea World Guide (Hardcover)First Edition
Pay At least $25
Magic Tactics ToolboxFirst Edition
Armor Master’s HandbookFirst Edition
Weapon Master’s HandbookFirst Edition
Dirty Tactics ToolboxFirst Edition
Monster Summoner’s HandbookFirst Edition
Melee Tactics ToolboxFirst Edition
Giant Hunter’s HandbookFirst Edition
Ranged Tactics ToolboxFirst Edition
Blood of the ElementsFirst Edition
Bastards of GolarionFirst Edition
People of the SandsFirst Edition
Blood of the MoonFirst Edition
Kobolds of GolarionFirst Edition
People of the NorthFirst Edition
Blood of the NightFirst Edition
Blood of AngelsFirst Edition
Blood of FiendsFirst Edition
Inner Sea RacesFirst Edition
Inner Sea World GuideFirst Edition
Adventurer’s GuideFirst Edition
Pay at least $15
Wilderness OriginsFirst Edition
Occult OriginsFirst Edition
Advanced Class OriginsFirst Edition
Undead Slayer’s HandbookFirst Edition
Mythic OriginsFirst Edition
Demon Hunter’s HandbookFirst Edition
Dragonslayer’s HandbookFirst Edition
Dungeoneer’s HandbookFirst Edition
Occult AdventuresFirst Edition
Advanced Class GuideFirst Edition
Mythic AdventuresFirst Edition
Pathfinder RPG Core RulebookFirst Edition
Pay at least $5
Heroes of GolarionFirst Edition
Heroes of the DarklandsFirst Edition
Heroes of the High CourtFirst Edition
Heroes of the StreetsFirst Edition
Heroes of the WildFirst Edition
Player Character FolioFirst Edition
Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box