Polyhedron and Dark Sun


For a long time i have searching for buy a Polyhedron Magazine 99 (physical or PDF) that has a article about Dark Sun scenario. But i had no success. There are some location in the web with this specific publication of Polyhedron for download? This is not piracy becouse I did not find any means to purchase that edition.

We can not let this information from our scenario die, we will share to continue living!

I’m sorry but I can not send PM. I had to send publicly.

tanks man, my e-mail is:


I have not received. You can send me again?


Now i receive, tanks. Do you have a Polyhedron complete collection in pdf? I canot find many numbers. If you have, you can share somehow your collection? You could put as torrent if you can, and then
pass me the link via e-mail =)

Anyway many thanks

Folks, the magazines are still copyrighted, and owned by mumble … Sure, they may not be easily available, but could we maybe take the discussion of casual piracy off board?

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Yes let’s do so… But…

There is the outstanding issue of the RPGA Dark Sun adventures that are at risk of disappearing forever. The only way to make sure that they don’t drop out of existence is to disseminate them as widely as possible. The problem is so bad that even the IP holder (WOTC) does not have copies of these adventures.

anyone probably knows if some of the Polyhedron magazines with Dark Sun articles can be bought somewhere at the moment? I found a few on the Internet availuable but not the ones with Dark Sun articles. They seem to be really rare, destroyed (hopefully not) or in good hands of collectors.