Pristine Tower Dev Group - Feb 23 Update

Hey everyone!
It’s been a while since I posted an update from the Pristine Tower Development Group. I wanted to let you all know that we have been busy, and let you in on what’s in progress.

1.) Our first completely original work Scale, Tail, and Claw is about 2/3 finished with content development, and the art is already starting to look really good! For those who do not know, it’s a detailed exploration of all the sentient reptilian races of Athas, in the style of Elves of Athas. To give you an idea of where we’re headed, I’ve included a sneak preview of two of the races we’ll be discussing, a 3rd generation Dray and a Tortle (courtesy the wonderful talents of @ouroboros )

2.) Beyond the Dead Lands has been renamed to the more fitting Frontiers of the Dead Lands, and has had a major rethink of approach, as we’ve readjusted the scope of the project. It’s now a much tighter book focusing more on usable areas for DMs to run encounters, rather than a big lore-heavy book covering a huge swath of map.
The removed partially developed sections for Zethi, the Tari Homeland, Hiramin Highlands, and Southern Anattan Coast will all be spun off into either separate books or used to build our upcoming series of Gazetteers. So that content will see the light of day in due time (or sooner if one of you in the community wants to take the content and run with it).
After these removals, the project is back to 50% through the content development phase.

3.) We’ve started our grand project for updating the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild planetary map one tile at a time to vector-based images. It’s an ambitious project, but it will make all of our future works (and the works of others) much easier to use.

4.) And finally, Adventures in the Dead Lands is fast approaching completion. We’re only a few modules away from having the complete anthology finished and ready to ship. (About 85% complete on both development and editing)

We also have another interesting project waiting on deck to start very soon. Watch this space!

As always, if you’d like to help make these and other big projects possible, I invite you to come along and join us! Simple PM me, @raddu, or @The_DMs_Revenge directly.


You’re adding new races in addition to the established reptilian races?


Yes and no.
For the dray, we felt that CBtSS covered the 1st and 2nd generations pretty extensively so there wasn’t much this book could expand upon, and also that as player character they run the risk of maybe spoiling that adventure twist, so we began to think of ways to go around it, and one of them was to introduce the 3rd generation, and also reconcile 4e introduction of dragonborn into the setting along the way (they aren’t exactly dragonborn, but you can certainly use dragonborn in place of them and call them the 3rd generation and it would work just fine if that’s your preference).

As for tortles, yes we do introduce an athasian version of the tortle, as well as ideas for other types of tortles if the main version isn’t your style or doesn’t fit your version of athas.

We are also working on an athasian yuan ti, working off various ideas for them that were posted by the community over the years as well as some new one.


Hopefully I clarified enough without spoiling anything…

(Don’t hurt me master neujack, I am but a humble wyrm😋)

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Well put.
The addition of tortles was my idea, as they have been featured in many different fan-made campaigns, and they seemed a natural fit.

There will be 9 races discussed in the book.

In no particular order:
Dray (1st and 2nd, and the 3rd as Ouroboros said)
Silt Runners
and Tortle


It was renamed Hiramin?

That region, loosely based on your old illithid project, was tentatively planned for Beyond/Frontiers as one of the areas bordering the eastern Deads Lands, it’s still on the project map but was saved for future stuff due to a mix of living areas being a bit out of scope for finishing Dead Lands, and so a future project could give it and other areas some more love and focus with dedicated gazzeteers/netbooks.