Psionic gladiators

Have written myself into a bit of a corner with my players attending a gladiatorial tournament, and two famous psionic gladiators fighting. Anyone got any interesting ideas I use?

There were some good ideas on the discord server, but wanted to ask in here aswell.

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Goodness. Psionic gladiators. How vicious!

I wonder how that happened. Well, whatever. It is apparently upon you now.

I shall speculate they are retired gladiators who have become practitioners of the Way in their later years, and yet for some reason have been drawn back into the games.

Two psychometabolists seem appropriate to me. No weapons. Martial arts only. But they may make themselves stronger and faster than other gladiators. The crowd would want a spectacle, not subtle psionic effects. Punches that break rock. Immovability that defeats the greatest wrestling move. Flesh armor and biofeedback that absorbs the harshest blows. And licks that extend several feet.

And you could make it be all on a balancing board over a pit: the win goes to he who first makes it to the other side. Let the two masters find their worth on the Plank of Fates.

There’s a random idea anyway.