Psurlon Infiltrator (Athasian Doppelganger)

A bit of a home-brewed take on some of the Grey Lands talk concerning doppelgangers as part of the plot. Tied it in with the psurlons as they were supposed to be a part of the game at one point. In my game, these have established a foothold primarily on the other side of the Silt Sea and only venture to other lands (such as the Tablelands) to abduct psions and empowered items.

Psurlon Infiltrator (Athasian Doppelganger)

Climate/Terrain: Astral Plane/East Silt Basin

Frequency: Very rare

Organization: Community

Activity Cycle: Any

Diet: Carnivore

Intelligence: Genius (17-18)

Treasure Type: Vx2, can substitute psionically empowered items, or relevant useful magical items

Alignment: Lawful evil (Chaotic tendencies)

No. Appearing: 1 (1d4 on the Astral Plane or in select areas east of the Sea of Silt)

Armor Class: 4

Movement: 9/12 in humanoid form

Hit Dice: 7

Thac0: 13

Number of Attacks: 3 or by weapon

Damage/Attack: 3d4/3d4/2d8

Special Attacks: Psionics

Special Defenses: See below

Magic Resistance: 40%

Size: M (5’ tall, 7’ long - Natural Form; can vary)

Morale: Elite (l5-16)

Level/XP Value: 5,000

Psionics: See below

Psionics Summary: Dis 3/Sci 4/Dev 12

PS 13; PSPs 50

Att: EW. II, MT, PsC; Def: IF, MB, MBk. TS


[#AT] 3/2; MTHAC0 13; MAC 5

Typical Psurlon: Telepathy: Sciences- mass domination, mind link; Devotions- id insinuation (conceal thoughts), contact (awe), psychic crush (synaptic static), mind thrust (domination), ego whip (inflict pain).

Psychoportive: Sciences- banishment; Devotions- astral projection, time/space anchor.

Psychometabolic: Sciences- life draining: Devotions- body control, mind over body, enhanced strength, flesh armor, prolong.

Psurlons are extremely intelligent wormlike humanoids. The psurlons are an advanced race living on the Astral Plane, and are sometimes summoned by evil psionicists who have the power to summon planar creatures. Psurlons have earthworm-like bodies, legs that end in toothed maws, and arms that end in claws with black talons. Their heads are similar to those of earthworms, with large, gaping maws ringed with teeth-like projections. They have no eyes and use other senses to “see”. They wear richly colored robes and never wear armor or carry weapons when found in natural form. Psurlons communicate with one another telepathically and through grunts, and squeals. In humanoid form, they are capable of humanoid speech.

Combat: This monster is able to imitate any creature between four and nine feet high. The Athasian doppleganger chooses a victim, duplicates his form, and then attempts to kill the original and assume his place. If the doppleganger is able to win mental combat it can imitate its victim (including personality, mannerisms) with 90% accuracy. If unsuccessful in taking its victim’s place, the Athasian doppleganger attacks. When psurlons engage in physical combat in their natural form, they use both their claws, causing 3-12 (3d4) points of damage each, and their bite, for 2-16 (2d8) points of damage. They seldom engage in physical combat, preferring to fight psionically. Psurlons have a natural AC 4 and can only be hit by a +l or better magical weapon or by creatures of 6 HD or better and those with natural magical abilities. Wounds of other types cause very little damage and heal instantly. Their enhanced protection is because of their magical and psionic experimentation on their own flesh. Psurlons are immune to all sleep, charm, and hold spells and have 40% magic resistance.

Habitat/Society: As the psurlon entry in the 2nd Compendium for Dark Sun, but with the following caveat. Psurlon doppelgangers are a preliminary force of psurlons that believe there are enough psionicly empowered items here on the Prime that they may absorb to hone their psionic abilities further and reattempt a mind meld. They obsessively hunt down psionicists capable of empowering items and already empowered items that they then collect to fuel their plans. While they have contact with other psurlons and are occasionally found among others of their kind, their chaotic tendencies and different opinion of Athas’ worth keep them on the fringe of their society.

Ecology: Psurlons normally feed on the flesh of living creatures, especially that of other sentient races. They particularly like human and halfling flesh. The typical lifespan of a psurlon is 1,500 years. They are at the top of the food chain and are seldom preyed upon. Athasian rocs consider psurlons a delicacy, but fortunately for the psurlons there are no rocs on the Astral Plane. Some evil psionicists summon psurlons in hopes of gaining their knowledge. The price is very high and often leads to the death of the summoner. Summoners who gain knowledge from psurlons and then attempt to slay them or send them back are tracked down and forced to pay what is due either by the psurlons they summoned or by others of their race.