Pterran - Player Race 5th Edition

Here is my take on the Pterran as a playable race for 5th edition. I’ll have stats for the signature weapons later.

The Pterran

In the Hinterlands, beyond the Ringing Mountains, dwell the pterrans. Pterran weigh between 180 and 220 pounds and stand 5 to 6 ft 5 tall, with no distinction between male and female. The language of the terrans is a collection of vocal sounds, which are combined with clicks and taps made with claws. As a result, it is almost impposible for many other races on Athas to speak this language, and pterrans also have a hard time speaking common. Though this is possible, their speech is slurred and low.

There is a deep reverence for the Earth Mother in Athasian Society, and the pterrans belive that they are the favoured children of her. The state of Athas at the current time causes great sorrow for the pterrans. The respect for the Earth Mother is a guiding theme for the pterran, and they will oppose those that desecrate or show disrespect to the land. A greater number have started to journey across Athas, and contact with Tyr has been established, as well as with the merchant houses. Recent upheavals have convinced more pterrans to travel beyond the hinterlands to help the Earth Mother.

Pterrans gather in tribes that range from 10 to 12 members to settlements of over 100 members. There are two major Pterran settlements, Lost Scale and Pterran Vale. In terms of society, druids play a huge role in the lives of Pterran communities, and run the ceremonies that life as a pterran settlement revolves around. At age 15, a pterran choses a Life Path. Though there are a number of lesser paths, most of them follow three major paths – the path of the druid, the path of the warrior or the path of the psion. The Triumvirate, the leaders of a pterran community, is comprised of the eldest member from each Life Path.

Many of those that have chose the Path of the Warrior use the thanak – a sawed blade made with two strips of hardwood. Another weapon used is the slodak, a sword carved from a young hardwood tree and treated with a mixture of the blood of an Id fiend and sap.

As a Pterran, you have the following racial traits –

Size – Medium
Speed – You have a base speed of 30 feet
Ability Score Adjustment – your wisdom score increases by 2 and your charisma score increases by 1
Proficiency in Stealth – you can blend in with the environment on Athas well
Proficiency in perception – you know how to survive in the burnt world
Natural Weapons – You can use your claws for 1d4 damage for each hand.
Bite Attack – you have a bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage as a secondary attack
Weapon Proficiency – You are proficient in the Thanak and slodak, the signature weapon of the pterrans.
Language - You can speak pterran, common and one other language of your choice.

When you talk about secondary attack are you talking about using the bonus action?

I would assume yes as it would need to follow the "two weapon fighting " rules x