Question abaout DS3 rules "LEVEL ADJUSTMENT"

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i have found a entry in DS Mainrulebook at the aracockra and half gaint. under decription stands Level Adjustment +x. What did it means? They rise slowly up in levels? If yes how did it function.

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Level Adjustment is a D&D third edition concept (and in this case applied in 3.5 edition). Some creatures have distinct advantages over human characters, so when used as player characters they have a level adjustment. The level adjustment means that they will have lower class levels than a human with the same experience points. Just how many levels less will depend on the amount of level adjustment.

Here’s how it works:
If Half Giants have a +1 level adjustment (I don’t remember if plus one is the right number right now), and you started a game with all the PCs at third level, the half giant would start with 2 class levels (2 levels + 1 level adjustment). But would gain XP as if he was a 3rd level character.

hi folks,

thx a lot.