Question about the requirements for the Athasian Dragon epic prestige class

In the requirements it lists both Spellcraft and Psicraft at 24 ranks. This makes the Prestige class unavailable until 22nd level minimum. Was this intentional, or was it supposed to be accessible at 21st level?

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It’s been years since I played 3e, but aren’t your max ranks in a skill capped at level +3? What’s stopping a 21st level PC from having skills at 24 ranks?

I believe that was his exact point.

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That seems correct. Bear in mind you can’t take the prestige class until you’ve cast Defiler Metamorphosis I, which requires the Epic Spellcasting feat. That feat requires 24 ranks in Spellcraft (among others), so the feat isn’t available until 21st level.

21st level gets you your feat and when you cast the Metamorphosis spell you become an Advanced Being. 22nd level is when you start taking the PrC.


Ahh, thank you, that answers my question perfectly!

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