Questions for Tim Beach author of Thri-Kreen of Athas

Jesse and I will be talking with Tim Beach on Monday about Thri-kreen of Athas for the next Bone, Stone, & Obisidan podcast. What questions do you have for him? Please include a page number for reference as he probably hasn’t read the book since he wrote it!


To Tim:

On page 60: You refer to the thri-kreen hell, Kano (based on Cania). Can you elaborate on how the thri-kreen developed their racial memory of this place?

Also on page 60: The Great One avangion. Did you have any detailed backstory for this character?

Page 78: Zik-chil. The Zik-chil are hinted to be the manipulators of thri-kreen society. What did you have in mind for them?


What other Dark Sun products did you help

We have Jeral, J’ez, J’hol, To’ksa, Tondi, T’keech. Do you have a favorite? Were there other subraces of kreen you were thinking of developing?

What do you think of the physiological changes of kreen in subsequent editions?

As an original Dark Sun developer, I’d be interested in how you pronounce some of the words from Dark Sun.

Any others?

Are there any common words you hear from Dar Sun that people pronounce incorrect?

What do you think of images of Thri-kreen riding animals?

What are a few things you have seen players do with their kreen characters that you think to yourself “a thri-kreen would NEVER do that”?

It seems there is some disagreement between who the Great One is. Is he the great kreen leader or the Avangion?

Was the kreen an avangion?

Pg 59

Note that the Great One, a legendary kreen from ages past, while a powerful and revered being, is not acknowledged as a deity of any kind, nor is the reverence offered the Great One particularly religious in nature. The Great One (an avangion) is covered in a following section.

Pg 98

PC thri-kreen discover racial memories of an ancient thri-kreen leader, and of an avangion called the Great One

Pg 123

Images of a thri-kreen, “the Great One,” flood your mind. You know, somehow, that this was once your emperor, a kreen among kreen. Beside him is a single, strangely distorted image of a human who is not quite human—a being who has changed and evolved into a creature of great goodness.

Pg 124

Long, long ago, longer even than the time of the Great One and the avangion, there existed a time and place when you and yours were chattels of these beings.

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Were there any further plans for Thri-Kreen if the 2E setting would have been continued? If so, what if any? If no, what would you have done with them in your personal games or other writings?

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What plot ideas that you put in the book did you most want to see experienced by an adventuring party?

What amount of playtesting was done in what appeared in the book, and did you get to be part of any of it?

Did you get to play or DM an entire party of thri kreen? If so, do you remember anything of that experience?

Tell us what was it like to work with the already-designed elements that were done for thri kreen on Athas, and what you were able to extend. Where there any things you wanted to write that the leads of the setting, or editors, edited out?

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When is this slated to appear @raddu ?

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It’s up! New BSO is out! In Ep21 we talk to Tim Beach about Thri-Kreen of Athas!


Thanks. Awesome, will check it out over the weekend.

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