Questions for Troy Denning on Bone, Stone, & Obsidian

Bone, Stone, & Obsidian the Dark Sun podcast will record with Troy Denning, co-creator of Dark Sun, next. What burning questions do you have for Mr. Denning?

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I’d like to know his opinion on the changes to the setting both the official things (IE. God’s having been killed) and the unofficial (IE. Kalak as a not champion.) and if he uses any of those in his own games if he still games.

On a different thead who his favorite SK is and if he makes any changes to any of them.

Because I have nothing better to do than spam my FB question here: When you came up with the Champions of Rajaat, did you intend for all of them to have changed names once they became SK/Qs and if so do you have design notes for any of the other Champions Cleansing Wars aliases (eg: Kalak)?

Cheers for putting in all this hard work Rob and Wayne; the community (well, this bit of it) appreciates it!

I would like to ask him if he ever had any plans for Tithian, after becoming the Cerulean Storm. Did he forsee Tithian becoming free one day and possibly gaining powers from his time in the storm?
Also, what is the Blue Shrine?

If it isn’t too late, maybe ask him why Athas isn’t over ran by dwarves banshees. Seems like every dwarf has to die with their focus incomplete since when they complete their focus they choose a new one.

What other game systems do you think would work well for adventuring in Athas? If you could tweak or adapt rules from various DnD editions to suit the setting, how would you “hack” them together? (I’ve been running a conversion of Dark Sun to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition–the Fantasy Flight one–and it’s been going amazing!)