Questions on Dark Sun 3,5


Thanks a lot for the work on Dark Sun. It’s my favorite Dungeon & Dragon world :slight_smile:
I know the world from the original setting in ad&d and love the expand of Athas.

In the original version, every player caracter has a wild power, I haven’t found any reference to this topic in Dark Sun 3e release 7? It is tell that there a lot of psionic but I found no reference to this rule.
The only found Behind the Veil : Hidden Talents page 76 that tell that the Hidden talent feat should be use.
Does it means that that the feat Hidden Talents and dark sun 3e improved feat replace the second edition rule for wild power for player caracter ?

Between Dark sun 3e and prestige class books which one is to follow when the same prestige class hasn’t the same evolution in both book ?
In core book 3e release 7/ Prestige class 3.5 release 2

  • Dune trader is : 10 level (p90) / 5 level (p13)
  • Elementalist is : 10 level (p93) / 5 level (p16)
  • Master Scout is : 10 level (p99) / 5 level (p23)

For sorcerer kings, I don’t understand why advanced level doesn’t match their advanced class ?
Page 197 : Lalali‐Puy (LE female
champion of Rajaat stage III dragon, defiler 5/telepath
6/arch defiler 5/thrallherd 4/cerebremancer 5/Athasian
dragon 2)

Page 200 : Nibenay (LE male champion of
Rajaat stage IV dragon, defiler 5/seer 5/loremaster
10/cerebremancer 10/Athasian dragon 2)

Page 210 : Hamanu is a third‐stage dragon king (LE male
Champion of Rajaat stage III dragon, defiler 5/psychic
warrior 11/arch defiler 10/cerebremancer 5/Athasian
dragon 4)

Page 216 : Oronis the Avangion (LG male Champion of Rajaat
stage IV avangion, preserver 5/shaper 5/cerebremancer
10/loremaster 3/avangion 5)

For Daskinor page 213 stage and dragon level match :slight_smile:
(CE male stage II Champion of Rajaat dragon defiler
8/nomad 10/cerebremancer 10/Athasian dragon 2)

Is their is an explanation for Nanda Shatri being less advance in 3e than 10 years before in ad&d?
In Veilled Alliance, her level was (veiled alliance page 72) Dual wizard 20 / psionicist 5
In Dark Sun 3e r7, page 204 : Nanda Shatri (LG female human,
preserver 7/telepath 4/veiled one 10)

If you have any idea on these topics, I like to know :slight_smile:

The dragon stages are independent of their levels of Athasian Dragon prestige class. For the record I don’t like the idea of an Athasian Dragon prestige class. It confuses matters.

I was thinking advanced prestige class link to the advanced metamorphisis stage …

I confirme there was confusion on the topic on my side :slight_smile:

In the dark sun 3e I don’t find reference to Siemhouk in Nibenay, does this caracter die ?
She was a major personnage in ad&d version of Dark sun as she was able to calm Nibenay dragon rage.

From information I’ve got on her around FY 3 :
Siemhouk (LE human female, age 14, Tel 15/Psi4) is the Pandita,
or high priestess, to the king. She devotes her time almost exclusively
to mastering her psionic talent, which may one day help her
tame Nibenay’s bestial rages as he advances in power. She is also
responsible for the Temple of Thought.

If you have informations on her, I like to know them.

There is no indication that Siemhouk is dead. Anyone not explicitly dead is still alive.

Correct. In 3E all characters to not get a wild power for free. They must spend a feat or multi-class and take a level of a psionic class. Though you can make House rules for this.

Use the versions of the prestige classes in the DS 3e core rules book. Those are the most up to date.

Sorcerer kings question has already been answered.

Different editions, different rules. It is not a comparison of equals. The requirements for the avangion prestige class are different from those requirements for the avangion transformation in 2e.

Siemhouk is mentioned only in passing in the core rulebook and Dregoth Ascends.