Races of Athas: Half-Giants and Thri-Kreen

Hey there fellas, this is my attempt at reconstructing the two arguably most unbalanced races of Athas, the half-giant and the thri-kreen. While overall it didn’t take me long to design a 5e re-imagining, it did go through a lot of thought and designing process. I’ve consulted two of my friends for 5e mechanics advice, since I’ve known them to be good at this. I hereby present you with the 5e reconstructed half-giant and thri-kreen of Athas. I would much appreciate any comments, feedback, flaming, stoning, or random post. Please, do check my reddit post for the whole designing process behind the two races.
The half-giant and the thri-kreen are part of my Races of Athas project that I’m working at the moment. As soon as I’m finished, I shall inform you accordingly.