Rafernard: prisoner of Abalach-Re

We assume that Rafernard is simply a fake alter-ego created by Abalach-Re, but what if Rafernard is a real avangion that is being held prisoner by Abalach-Re? In addition to stealing The Skull of Dorag Thel from Rafernard, she holds Rafernard prisoner, using him as a living magical battery from which she siphons limitless magical energy.

Rafernard is rendered powerless through a feeblemind spell. Rafernard became an avangion independently of Oronis, so Oronis has no idea of his existence. Who will save Rafernard from the Sorcerer Queen of Raam?


Korgunard’s Annulus may be the answer here. I have Xaymon running around working with a few others to form a “Council of Avangions” since a single Avangion can’t stand up to a Sorcerer Monarch, a number of them might.

Forest Maker takes place in FY 7, 3 years after Korgunard is killed. By that time one of my PCs, Xaymon, and a couple others were Avangion’s thanks to the Annulus.

Rafernard could be one of those early members since he’s not detailed anywhere I’ve seen.


You’re welcome, SeruZmaj

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Are you the one that created the Annulus? :slight_smile:

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Not unless Pennarin is secretly Ed Bonny. As for Xaymon, it appears that Pennarin is the creator.

I am indeed the one who made many an artifact entry in Legends of Athas, though I had forgotten (18 years ago!) that the Annulus was from a previous Dragon Mag entry. Kudos on redking’s Google-fu. You can compare the original write-up with the Legends of Athas version to see what I added.

Xaymon, btw, is from the magazine entry.

Unless I am again mistaken, the Animus Circlet is wholly mine, and the Psychometron of Nerad is from one of the ten authors of The Book of Artifacts.

Together, the Annulus, Psychometron, and Circlet are a triumvirate of avangion artifacts.

If you’re curious, Amiska (from the Circlet) is from the Lynn Abbey short story “Service”, found in the Black Flames adventure.

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