Ral Partha "People of the Land" Figure Set

Pewter figurines from the Ral Partha People of the Land set painted ~1994. I put them to good use on the dunes. There are several more not photographed.

I did not know there were so many kinds of obsidian: banded, mahogany, snowflake, rainbow, perhaps more. All types pictured except the snowflake were collected near the town of Alturas in northern CA in 2018. Each was wrought into spheres by a specialist near San Diego in 2019. Snowflake was purchased at a gem show. I have but six, I must achieve 10! They must be in increasing size, though it is very difficult to find single pieces sufficiently large. I will have to combine shards, meseemeth.

Do you have any of the Dark Sun pewter figures? Show us your painting!


Very cool.

Love the obsidian orb.

Very nice pictures and minis. I don’t have any of the original Dark Sun minis and am a bit envious.


I have a few (including the one in your first pic). Unfortunately I am no painter so they are still classic pewter.


Nor am I, but it’s fun to share. There are so many tutorials available nowadays, I wish YouTube existed back then. I would like to repaint some of the models I have.

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I have a few of those, painted in a box somewhere.

I was a good painter because I could see, small things.