Red Hand of doom style adventure for Dark Sun

I was looking over this handbook for the Red Hand of Doom, and I was wondering how this might be adapted for Dark Sun.

Obviously there are no hobgoblins and no Tiamat on Athas, so a simple switch of protagonists is necessary. That’s the easy part. The hard part is where to locate it and figuring out what towns and villages are at stake. I guess it would be easy to just plant some towns and villages around the map and say that they were always there. That’s what the Allen Varney and Tim Brown suggested on the Athascon stream.

Any ideas about Red Hand of Doom in Dark Sun?


I believe i have already DONE one. I’ll have to check my other computer. It’s at least 75% complete, i think.

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Well, @redking, I can’t find it anywhere, but I was sure i had done a conversion. I’ve numerous other adventure conversions, so if you want to list out some RHoD highlights, I’ll happily offer suggestions (I do not have the time to do a full readthrough and make conversion notes right now).

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Sure. Where did you locate it? Did you create custom villages? There are river scenes. How did you handle that?

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For me, several things are always constant - rivers become wadi or silt sinks. I’m sure i (would have) changed the Hobgoblins to Gith and any Ogres to Magera.

I hadn’t decided where to locate it. I seem to recall there’s several villages and a large town/city, right?

Past that, i’d need more info on RHoD.


There are villages and towns. These are presumed to exist in the Tyr region but you’d have to create them by scratch.

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I’d maybe change the large towns/cities to small towns (looks like there’s 2) that are heavily guarded/fortified (as appropriate).

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If I recall correctly, all the towns and villages answer to the same top lord. So on Athas you’d have to envision a larger number of client villages and towns of a city state. Having the attack happen in FY2 against Tyr makes sense. Replace Tiamat with something else.

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I’d have to do no such thing, that doesn’t matter at all - they’ll all pull together when attacked and it’d be more interesting if they were all at each other’s throats. Involving Tyr does nothing to enrich Athas or do world building IMO, but you do you.

It could easily be put at the margins of the Tyr region, north or south. Only the main town matters - the other one is only there to be destroyed like a Red Shirt, so it could be a fort or trade settlement or whatever.

I think i thought the priests of Tiamat should be fire priests.

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It doesn’t undermine the world building, and it raises the stakes. At the end of the day, a few villages and towns getting destroyed is just normal life happening every single year in the Tyr region.

Without a Sorcerer Monarch, Tyr is vulnerable. Worse, it just survived a war with Urik, which only threw a small fraction of its military capabilities against Tyr.

To be clear: I don’t care what you or anyone else does in their games, but given the choice between completely reformatting the RHoD maps, the scale and size of the invading army if necessary, etc or building out a blank space on the map, MY personal preference is adding to the map.

Open space is the bast way to stay as true to the adventure as written and the source material. But, whatever.

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This is literally what I said -

In this case, you produce client villages and towns from whole cloth subordinate to the top lord (the King of Tyr), while the Red Hand army destroys villages and towns along the way to Tyr. If you don’t stop them along the way, they defeat Tyr itself.