Religion in Athas

I was wondering if someone could point me to a good source to explain the religious practices of the various city-states? I’m looking primarily for second-edition lore, if possible (the original stuff).

That way, i don’t have to keep going be hearsay and dubiously canonical 3rd-party material when I post on the forums with regards to this topic.

Iirc, Hamanu, The Oba and Tec see themselves as gods and demands workship. Andropinis, Kalak, and Nibenay not.
Abalach-re is interesting: she paint herself as the visier of the deity Badna, and demand him to be workshipped (but no one in Raam truly believes in Badna).

Actually, I was looking more for the sources were I could read them myself.

One of particular interest to me is the religion of the Templars of Balic. I heard there was some kind of ancestor worship involved?

Also, personally I think that the Sorcerer Kings count as “gods”, at least by the D&D definition, as they are extremely powerful beings capable of granting priestly magic to their followers.