Roll20 Dark Sun

Hello Athasians,

did or does anyone of you play Dark Sun using Roll20?
Could he or she probably share some files for maps or Tokens and such?

I would like to build the official Dark Sun adventures for Roll20

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I’ve recently started using Fantasy Grounds, which I hear is similar to roll20, so perhaps what works for one might also help the other.
I was easily able to use the maps available on the net, but everything else I need to add manually, which is less than perfect. Still, it’s nice to have all my campaign material and rules available for review at a click.

how did you make creature and Charakter Tokens? I started using pictures from scaned book pages and cutting them with paint

I was lazier and just grabbed pics from the web. But I haven’t progressed far at all, kinda hoping someone somewhere out there would already have done this, given how popular Fantasy Grounds has become and Dark Sun still is.
Oh well, off to the MS Paint mines it is, then! :wink:

MS paint mines? mines? isn’t Kalak ruling the mines? better be carefull :wink: