Rovewin's Dark Sun Monster Matrix

Here I have compiled almost all of different dark sun creatures mentioned across all the different Dark Sun document sources. Most of these are official and semi official. I’ve been working on this list for several years. There are over 1200 creatures mentioned from over 150 sources.

I have a link to the Excel file on my blog

For the most part I tried to exclude individual named monsters and focused on the specific species. I do not call out NPCs typically… though there may be some. Also, I didn’t include all the mentions of standard races like humans, elves, dwarves etc. but if it is a unique race I tried to include it. I also tried to include mentions of animals that are never stated out but exist. I tried to include a guide that shows how detailed the entry is. 4e creates some problems with naming with all of its adjective-noun names which becomes hugely complex. But I at least tried to include the base creature.

Some have full stats with descriptions. Some have partial stats and some are just mentioned. Some DS sources do not list any monsters because I wanted the matrix to show I accounted for the source.

Special thanks to Rajaat99 and his 2e lists and the folks in the Pristine Tower at Athas dot org.

If there are any monsters I missed please let me know.

I still have all the new 2022 stuff released for 3.5 to account for. I also haven’t touched anything yet with 5e, but it looks like I can start doing that as well.


I remember seeing whole websites for these before from the heyday of 3.5e. It’s a wonderful idea.

Nicely done!


Rovewin, you never cease to amaze me.


The spreadsheet has your own column for the 2e monsters you did stats for. :grin:


Excellent job. I needed a method to ID all the avaialble STL/3D models that can be used for Dark Sun and your fie was the once I based it off of.