Rulebooks & Box sets to buy?

Hi All

Does anyone know the best places to buy or download the core rules and campaign settings?

Many thanks


There are a few torrents floating around with pretty much all there is…give or take a supplement or two. google aiosearch it’s a torrent metasearch engine, looks across a ton of sites all at once. Though you will have to have uTorrent or a similar program.

Check out the Remuz RPG Archive for downloads, and for the physical product (which is the preferable legal route, but is not a portable PDF) check out Amazon.

Thanks for your help, I managed to find the core rules on Amazon, although very expensive. i’ll check out the Archive as well and see what I can pick up.

Well yeah amazon (or any other legal means) would be good if you were like a lawful good or something, those of us whose alignment is a little more…flexible tend to go the quick easy (ie. cheap) route. By the way…you don’t need the rest of that waterskin right?


I was going to suggest DriveThroughRPG for legit .pdfs, but ~$10.00 seems like a stupid amount for a .pdf that’s all over the internet…