Scanvengable Creature Parts for Weapons, Armour, etc

I’m relatively new to the setting but diving in with both feet so to speak. I am wondering if there is a Dark Sun specific resource such as the Monster Harvesters Handbook that E.B Moreno pulled together for 5e, the doc is viewable here: The Monster Harvester Handbook - Flip eBook Pages 1-26 | AnyFlip

Considering how critical this is on Athas, it would be a really useful resource and might motivate players to consider this aspect when deciding if they will take the risk of attacking a creature.


This also looks like a great non Dark Sun resource to refer too… Hamund's Harvesting Handbook: A Complete Guide to Harvesting and Crafting in D&D 5e - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild


I don’t believe there is a dedicated book like that, but that’s a great idea for a project!



Take a look in the Athasian Eporium book there are a few things mentioned there than can be harvested from creatures


I compiled most of the stuff from 2e plus a few homebrew additions in the Equipment chapter of my campaign guide here:


I took a look but did not see any info on what parts of certain animals are salvageable in the equipment chapter of your campaign guide, can you tell me the page number?

Search for the word “harvest” and also checkout pgs 212 - 215 in the campaign guide.

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That’s a question he had when we first started playing Dark Sun out of the box-set; what do we do with the Dragon of Tyr’s body-parts after we slay him?