Sea of Dark Sun Campaign Thread (BlueBoxRPG)

Hi All, thank you to the many who have already watched one of our first two streams and for those that have joined my Discord.

I’ll keep this post updated with the stream links (VoD in Twitch and then they move to YouTube). I’ll also reply with pics and also answer any questions. Thank you again! Channel: [BlueBoxRPG - Twitch] Twitch

Session Zero (covers Alt-Hist setting, mechanics, lore): GHA Sea of Dark Sun: Session Zero - YouTube
#1 “Blood & Sand” (live play premier): Sea of Dark Sun #1: "Blood & Sand" - YouTube
#2 "Escape From Tyr: GHA Sea of Dark Sun #2: "Escape from Tyr" - YouTube
#3 “Hope & Prey” Sea of Dark Sun #3: "Hope & Prey" - YouTube
#4 “Another Hero” Twitch


I love it. A Dark Sun heresy campaign.

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Updated link above with Chapter 3 from last night… the party finds an unpleasant camp visitor in the night, And also discovers that not all kanks in the wild are herbivorous.


that’s awesome – what program is that – Talespire?


Yes! With custom mods

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Updated the links for the first three that are now in Youtube (first post) , and the newest episode, “Another Hero”, which is still on Twitch VOD and features a module made by Alphastream in the mid 90’s. Fun!

Also, we have travel plans the next two weeks, so our next session is on 6/27, and will resume a regular weekly cadence then. Thanks!

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All these coloured minis look great! I’ve got those GloomyKidMini STLs myself. How did you go about colouring them for Talespire?