Setting Mashups?

Has anyone ever done a setup mash-up with Athas? I was kicking around campaign ideas and an Athas with black powder weapons and a train popped up in my mind. It’s a crazy thought probably inspired by reading too much Thunderscape and Deadlands since I discovered Savage Worlds.

Closest i came to a setting mashup(other than Ravenloft’s Kalidnay) was introducing Dregoth to my Rifts game. He didn’t stay long though.

Dregoth is a perfect fit for Rifts! I wish I had thought of that back when I ran Rifts…

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Is metal going to be more common, or are the guns made of psionically-enhanced bone?

I haven’t made it that far, I just have ideas bouncing around, but bone guns sounds bad ass.

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Kind of… i created a huge desert in my homebrew world years ago (i still have the yellowed falling apart hand drawn map) called the Desert of the Lost (normal navigation methods are unrealiable and there’s a lost city-state that had some apocalyptic catastrophe happen to it and it vanished some 900 years ago, turning the lush land for miles around into desert and gating in many foul creatures that killed any remaining natural wildlife, and the city-state only reappears every approx. 100 years from the plane of nightmares) that was very Athas-like in its dangers. I had Anakore, Baazrag, Ssuran, and Silt Horror like creatures in there. This was before i knew about Dark Sun, so it wasn’t Athas proper. But now that i know about the various settings, I would say that it was a mash-up of GH, FR, DS, and WoW.

I liberally stole names from places and NPCs without knowing what most of them actually were (ie. Ten Towns, Icewind Dale, Uldor the Accursed, Arthas the Lich-King, Thunderspire Mountain, Nentir Vale, etc.) and making my own towns and NPCs based on solely the name.

I had the map of the Nentir Vale and used it as a starting point that they quickly left, boy was my Thunderspire different than the official one!

I’ll go into more detail as to the plot of the campaign and stuff if you guys like.