Settings beyond Tyr/Urik

I’m currently reading/rereading the Chronicles of Athas Series. Tyr and Urik pop up a lot as the backdrop which I think is understandable. Tyr is the ‘free port’ in the Tablelands and Hamanu, especially as Abbey works him, is an enigmatic and intriguing character.

Curious if folks are aware of novels, fan-fiction etc that take place in or near the other city-states? I’d really like to find some other perspective to be able to include in future games.

I do have The Veiled Alliance, though I need to read it again, and I am working on getting my hands on a 4e Setting guide which I know has some more information, including maps.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Ivory Triangle: sourcebook (box) about Nibenay and Gulg.
Asticlian Gambit: adventure around Gulg.
Most sourcebooks have takes on the cities: Dune Traders, Veiled Alliance, Gladiator’s Handbook,
Mind lords of the Last Sea: it’s a “new” region revealed after the prism pentad.
Dragon’s Crown is centred in Tyr and Urik, but it takes your party to the far northeast and then beyond the ringning mountains. Your party will pass by Draj and Raam in the way (also a lot of grat places like the silt sea, fire road, etc)
City of Bodach: online suplement, self explained
City State of Draj: online 3e era suplement, self explained

I think that the “start point” for 4e adventures is Altaruk.


Gracias! I knew there was a lot in the sourcebooks. I was hoping folks would point out what to look for where and you did just that.

I’ll take a deeper dive now.

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You are wellcome.
I want to point out that those are the books that I know. There are more but I’m not sure what those are about.
And if you want something more beside cities you should check Elves of Athas or The Thri-Kreens of Athas.
And the 4e book is great if you can’t have the original book. It has a lot of info that the original box does not have.

Late reply, but the Slave Tribes also gives some solid information on the city states and their differing practices of slavery. While this might seem a bit narrow it does show you the sorts of cultures each city state might have.

Balic for instance has the least draconian treatment of their slaves which reminds me of certain periods of Rome’s history, further cementing the notion that by Dark Sun standards Balic is a relatively progressive city (at least when your other sources of comparison routinely beat each other to death with bones and rip people’s hearts out to sacrifice them to god kings).

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