Short Fiction that Appears in Dark Sun Supplements or Modules

Has anyone seen a complete list of short fiction that was included in modules or other Dark Sun materials?
Claw of the Blue Mekillot (Forest Maker)
Equinox (Marauders of Nibenay)
The Gambit (Merchant House of Amketch)
Service (Black Flames)
Heat Lightning (Dragon’s Crown)
Boneyard Lights (Asticlian Gambit)
Loyalties (Road to Urik)

Also, is any of it any good?


Thanks for the list,. There are also short stories in Freedom!, A Little Knowledge, and Dragon Kings. I haven’t read them in years but I remember liking the,.


Ooh. I’m going to have to go digging for these now.

I recall “A Little Knowledge” first appeared in Dragon Magazine…

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Loyalties is the perfect embodiment of what Dark Sun is.

Service is a Urik story from Lynn Abbey, evocative of everyday Urikite life for a young templar.

Water and Ashes, Dragon Mag #185. The myth behind the creation of the Veiled Alliance. From the writer who penned the accessory of the same name.


I know I am late to the party here, but I’ve been recently compiling a list and reviewing the stories and thought this would benefit the group. I have this to add:

Several of the books have short stories just a few paragraphs long in the introduction of the book. See:

2E era books

Elves of Athas (Daled’s Tale, The Song of Creation)

City-State if Tyr (introduction)

Thri-kreen of Athas (introduction)

Other 2e books have full stories several pages long as identified above by Rhal.

There are also several in the Dragon Magazines.

2e Era

Dragon 173 A letter from the wanderer

Dragon 173 A Little Knowledge (reprinted in campaign setting boxed set)

Dragon 185 Water and Ashes

Dragon 197 Ashes to Ashes

Dragon 220 Hunt’s End

4E era

Dragon 389 Blood Oasis

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Great minds think alike. I had also thought about compiling these stories, but my circumstances do not permit it.

I support this idea and look forward to the results.

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