Skalds of Athas

One side project I tool around with is taking hybrid classes from 3.5 Pathfinder. Now the skald is a barbarian and bard combo. I was thinking about what musical traditions on Athas might lend itself well to a skald.

Nibenay has a rich history of song and dance. A skald here would feel more like a dervish.

Elves also have a history of music, even going so far as to call some of their tribes Song Singers, etc.

Any thoughts?

Music seems to be generally universal, so while i suspect you’re looking for other specific musical traditions, you could probably easily juat pick a group and quickly make one up based on their traits.

i imagine dwarves use chants and maybe heavy drums.

kreen i could see using hollow percussive instruments - chimes, castanets, hollow bones/sticks/logs, etc to make click-like noises. The idea of a thri-kreen bard shaping part of its carapace to play as a washboard-like instrument seems particularly amusing…

Maori war dance
Sardaukar throat signing

I would think Mongolian throat singing, but point well taken.

Thri kreen zydeco… can’t unsee it.

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