Slave-Trade Map

I had some art laying around I wanted to use, Game of Thrones and, Marvel structures; I had to make the map black & white, so, I found some mountains, 2-colored them, as well as images of towns and trees on a map of ASoIaF’s Essos, with Sothoryos, as well; it’s a simple map of to a sea-way dominated by two city-states, Tyr (I actually had that come up in a random, ASoIaF Free-City name generator-program, so I went with it!) and the other city-states, Berak-Xanzar; I used Tablelands-font, for the labels (and for some reason, it won’t work in Adobe) it will take place during the Age of Heroes.

I know there’s a d20 version of ASoIaF, but I’ve wanted to run it using AD&D2e Dark Sun rules for a while now. Probably straight 3D6, low-magic, spell-components rules used, and casting-time is one category longer (one turn is now ten-minutes).

In this world, the Kreen-Empire is just beyond South of Sothoryos.

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