Some books without dark sun background image

I noticed some of the published books lack the dark sun background image. Why?

Book with darksun background:

Book without darksun background:


IDK, but its on our list necessary fixes now.


How about the format produced by Logarium?

Email me the background image or images you want for the covers, and I can have all the existing pdfs fixed within a week. The image will need to be the size of the cover, unless you are wanting me to cobble together multiple images into cover art, in which case, two weeks depending on complexity.

I have also learned how to fix the screwed up bookmarks in all the Athas pdfs, though that will take a lot more time per pdf.

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No one is interested?

Oh well, email or message me once someone wants it done and has artwork we can use. I have the tools to make it a trivial process for me, hence why I volunteered, for once.

Hmmm, “technically”, we are allowed to reuse the existing published artwork from the 2e Dark Sun line if we really wanted to.

If I were to hazard a guess, they didn’t have a good quality image to use for the background at the time these were made.

As @The_DMs_Revenge said, giving popular titles updated formatting and covers is on the list of fixes. (like we recently did with Terrors in the Dead Lands, and we’re currently doing with The Crimson Sphere).

@nijineko - Thank you for offering on that, but I reckon they’ll need a whole lot more of a facelift than simply adding a cover.


Also, I’m leery of getting into anything that depends on just one specific person to do it.

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Anyone can do it if they use the tool I was referencing, and take a bit of time to learn it. I think you are accidentally making an incorrect assumption? I just offered since I already have the tool, the learning, and have the artistic background that makes it simple.

You offered to do it, not teach us to do it and offered to use the tool, not tell us what the tool was or give it to us. You assumed we understood previously that you’d happily share it. I have a strong dislike of “bottlenecks”.

Your offer is now clear and I/we appreciate it.

But, that book needs more fixes than just that, and adding the background image will the simplest of those fixes when we get around to them.

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Such as rebalancing the prestige classes.

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Indeed. I did not offer to teach you how to fish, as the metaphor goes. I did so on purpose, as my initial goal was to offer a contribution to I felt comfortable with. Perhaps a trifle simplistic of me.

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Maybe. Or not, IDK. Offer what you’re comfortable with, that’s fine.

You can see how I’d easily find it impossible to use that unspecified program to do that thing you offered to do. That kinda made it an accidental secret.

But whichever, its cool, we’ll keep it in mind for later - juat in case. :smiley:

I think its worth pointing out, for clarity (and a shameless plug i suppose), that “what you’re comfortable with” is all anyone on the Pristine Tower group / wants out of a contributor, and we can accommodate quite a small amount of time and/or effort, if that’s what you want to or are able to contribute.

Or swing by and write whole book. That’d be fine too. :grin: