Sorcerer kings 5e

Has anyone ever stated one of the sorcerer kings/queens or Borys for 5th edition? Or, heck, even seen stats that someone else has made? (Ive seen DmDave’s take already) I doubt were getting anything official for dark sun 5e anytime soon, if ever, but while here are some great dark sun monster manuals people have made for 5e, stats for the sorcerer kings or any other important npc’s generally aren’t among them.

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Does 5E even have psionics?

yes-ish? It’s complicated, but the long and short of it is they’ve tried a few things and can’t make up their minds, so there’s several half baked systems hanging around in UA’s (the Mystic, Psi-dice, etc.). More generally, they use it as a spell casting variant on monsters, a la 2nd and 3rd edition mind flayers before the development of a proper system. A bit more psionics stuff will be coming out in Tasha’s Cauldron of everything, but its all player side.

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Did I just hear you mention mind flayers? Here is my 3.5 alteration to mind flayers to make them cooler.

I’m pretty sure someone made Mind Flayers or Illithid for Darksun (with a timeline and such) a long time ago.

Will have to search my HD.

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I like how I mention mind flayers as an example, and the thread immediately derailed :grinning:.

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Advanced being mind flayers, anyone?

Illithids NEVER existed in Athas as long as i remember, seems that in the cataclism they somewhat die horribly and their psionics powers fill the survivors of the cataclism
Maybe the metal ores are chained somewhat to the links to the upper planes, so when they are broken, the metal boils in the underdark and most common races there die horribly including the swirfneblin (rock or underdark gnomes) and the mind flayers