Stats for necklace of Lalali-Puy

What are the stats for the necklace of Lalali-Puy, from the Asticlian Gambit adventure?

In it the Shadowking Nibenay claims that the necklace can “double” Lalali-Puy’s psionic and magical powers.

"“You have been duped, foolish mortals,” it says in a voice that combines amusement and contempt. “The necklace you brought to Lalali-Puy, may zhakals feed upon her death-agonies, is a powerful device that was made for her many centuries ago. It was said that it could double both her magical and psionic abilities, but before she could activate the device, The Dragon arrived and demanded the necklace for his own use. She had no choice but to obey, or risk destruction.
“The necklace is keyed to Lalali Puy’s magical aura alone, and will work for no one else, not even The Dragon. He must have discarded it as soon as he discovered that it would not work. Now, after all these years, it has returned to us".