Swords and Sandals, a 5e Dark Sun Discord Server

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Swords and Sandals Server

Please come join us in the Swords and Sandals server!! :crossed_swords: :desert:

We are a small but rapidly growing community of avid D&D players and DMs. The server is 18+ preferred and does its best to model a welcoming environment for people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, those with mental health issues and/or physical disabilities, et cetera.

Currently the primary focus of the server is the Dark Sun Campaign Setting which is being actively converted for D&D 5e.
Testimonials here: Login | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

Swords and Sandals currently features at least weekly one-shots in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting and is looking to expand into a full on West Marches style campaign in Dark Sun as well as one or more concurrent weekly campaigns.

We have multiple DMs (always looking for more :+1:) and the server population is literally global with varied game times to suit different time zones. The platform for the games is a combination of Roll20 (free to sign up and use as a player) and Discord (voice is required).

If you wish to join, here is our permanent link: Discord
Canโ€™t wait to roll some dice and share some stories with you! :game_die: :bow_and_arrow: :partying_face: :tada:

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If I already have a 5e Dark Sun game going how would i get it involved in this?

Hey @DillonDND - I tried your discord invite link but it didnโ€™t work.

Care to post a new link?

Just though Iโ€™d let anyone elso who found this page how to get into the server https://disboard.org/server/374370866265456641