Tale of the Necromant

Sit around. I have a tale to tell. Its the tale of the destruction of our world, Athas. It was beautiful once. The gem of the cosmos. The world was destroyed by misuse of magic. It was avoidable, because we always knew the way to prevent the destruction.

As neophyte magic users, we cannot help but use plant energy to power spells. That is because we lack the proficiency in spellcasting to use the gray as the source of energy so early on. It doesn’t take long, however. By the time we reach the third circle of spells (some people call it the third level of spells), with a little willpower and knowledge the energy of the gray can be drawn upon to power magical spells.

We necromants are the true preservers of life. We take life from plants only at the beginning of our magical studies, and then nevermore. The preserver hypocrites point finger at defilers for their open destruction of plant life, while slowly draining the plants of their essence in a more covert manner.

Woe to the hypocrites of the Veiled Alliance! I speak not in ignorance, for I was once one of their number. For years I begged them to take clean and pure path of graycasting and abandon the taking of life from plants, but they rejected my words and side-lined me. They said that graycasting is wrong, that it interferes with the spirits in the afterlife, and other such ignorant words.

I was apprentice to Ktandeo himself. I pleaded with Ktandeo to abandon the life sucking path of the “preserver” and learn graycasting, because if Ktandeo did so, the others in the Veiled Alliance may have followed. Alas, he did not! Worse, Ktandeo obtained a magical cane which allowed him to drain life from animals and living, sentient beings! When I first witnessed Ktandeo use the cane, my tears nourished the desert sands.

To my shame, I participated in the scapegoating of “defilers” by the Veiled Alliance. Once young woman, a self-taught magic user and did not know any better, was burnt at the stake by the Veiled Alliance in an act of ritual torture as a warning to others. If only I had the the courage, I could have counselled her and taught her the pure ways of graycasting, just like I did with Darmun who is sitting over there. I met Darmun years after I left the Veiled Alliance, which was years after I realized that killing is wrong. Darmun was like that young woman. Self-taught. Talented. He was being hunted by the Veiled Alliance for defiling, when his defiling only differed from the preservers of the Veiled Alliance by degree, not substance. I took Darmun under my wing and taught him graycasting. Darmun has never taken energy from plant life since. The hypocrites of the Veiled Alliance have not withdrawn their death sentence that they proclaimed on Darmun. No matter. We protect our own.

Rumour claims that the Sorcerer Monarchs are defilers. So says the Veiled Alliance. I tell you now, this is not true. The Sorcerer Monarchs are necromants, just like us, and they hunt down defilers and Veiled Alliance preservers with equal vigor because our rulers understand that “defiler” and “preserver” are the same life draining menace. We graycasters are caught in the crossfire, collateral damage, as the templars say. If the Sorcerer Monarchs were defilers, their cities would be naught but ash. The Sorcerer Monarchs draw on the limitless energy of the Gray to power their spells.

I bring a message of hope. Some months ago I encountered a radiant and beautiful being. It told me that it is an “avangion” (I know not what it means, but the word fills me with calm), and that it supports my work. It told me that through graycasting, we can restore the world. Ten leagues due south of here we will find an oasis and a forest, where none stood before. This miracle was created by the energy drawn from the Gray. Death to life. Understand this - no magic that draws from the land can restore the land. Only our graycasting can do that.

I task all of you with a mission. Go forth. Tell the people of our world about graycasting. Inform them about the lies of the Veiled Alliance. Tell them that our kings and queens are graycasters, and we follow their example in safely using clean and pure magic. Finally, try to convert defilers and preservers from their destructive, life draining path.

Go in peace.

Explanation: You become a necromant by taking a level in the PrC. You can enter at your 6th level. Entry is very permissive.


You get this class feature.

Why are the Sorcerer Monarchs not necromants? If you can’t answer this question without grasping at straws, the Dark Sun setting is affected by setting warping because of this.


Grey energy has no impact on the physical corporeal environment, but it does hurt your soul.
It’s a bit like listening to Toby Keith…

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As neujack says,
plus remember the gray is some sort of warped athasian astral plane, that does not exist on other worlds not warped by magic overuse

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