Tari History Time Line

originally posted by Sysane

Well this is what I’ve come up with thus far. This is far from complete. Let me know what your thoughts are good or bad:

Tari Time Line:

● The first tari emerge from the Pristine Tower along side the other Rebirth races to find their place in the new world.

● After roaming the Tyr region for several decades the tari settle to the lands south of the future site of Kalidnay.

-13, 954
● Not long after settling in southern portion of the Tyr region the tari find and domesticate the now extinct beasts called rel-vorn. They appear to look similar to the modern day nightmare beast but are half their size with none of that creatures innate powers and aggression. The tari begin to use the rel-vorn as riding and pack animals to help shape their civilization.

● The tari contract a rare and mysterious disease. An epidemic soon arises and many tari are wiped out due to plague.

● After many years of research tari scholars find the cure for disease saving their race from extinction. However, the cure only prevents the tari from suffering its debilitating effects. They are forever carriers of this disease which is passed along to future generations. Through their research the tari unlock the arts of herbal medicine and healing.

● The maze city of Ythri is founded and becomes known as the hub of medical knowledge and one of the greatest exporters of herbal curatives and vaccines of the Green Age.

-13, 926
● Even though not adept as some of the Rebirth races, the tari learn the basics of the Will and the Unseen Way.

● A dark time in Ythri’s history. Several tari psions experiment and create medicines which heighten their already formidable mental powers for short periods of time against the High Physician’s wishes… Soon civil war erupts within the walls of the tari city as drug addled tari psions and followers seek to usurp control of Ythri. So begins the Mind Blight Conflict.

● After 12 years of internal strife the Mind Blight Conflict is brought to an end with the capture and execution of the tari psions responsible.

● Dozens of tari flock to Rajaat to learn the never before seen magic along with the other races of Athas.

● Near by wemics begin to encroach on the tari lands by raiding Ythri trade caravans. The tari’s ruler the High Physician personally seeks out the wemics to negotiate… In return for ceasing all hostility he vowed that the tari would aid the wemics in their greatest hour of need. Moved by the lone tari’s decree the wemics stop all aggressions.

● Kalium’s, an aspiring wizard, child becomes ill and he seeks the tari of Ythri to help cure his beloved son. The greatest of the tari’s medical scholars stave off the illness briefly but the boy relapses and soon sub comes to the ravages of disease. Kalium, devastated by the loss of his child, swears vengeance against the tari people for their failure. Kaium redoubles his efforts in studying magic.

● Kalium is charged with eradicating one of the Rebirth races and becomes the Warbringer’s 15th Champion. He is knighted Kalid- Ma the Tari Killer.

● Kalid-Ma gleefully begins marching his forces across Athas slowly making his way toward Ythri. Along the way slaying any and all tari settlements that happen upoun his path before attempting to crush their capital.

● One of several tribes of wemics reach the gates of Ythri having their lands razed by the Wemic Annihilator, Tectuktitlay, looking for sanctuary. The tari welcome the wounded wemics honoring their ancestors’ pledge made centuries before.

● Fearing the approaching Kalid-Ma the tari plan to flee their city. The wemics offer to bide the gentle tari time as repayment for their kindness. Tari and wemic psions and artisans forge the blade Del-gen in hopes of having a weapon to fend off the Tari Killers forces and to ultimately slay the Champion himself.

● Kalid-Ma reaches the gates of Ythri and lays siege on the tari city. Many tari have been slain on his journey and those that haven’t flee to their capital city for protection. Tari and wemic fight side by side to fend off the armies of the Tari Killer. In the mean time, scores of tari flee through the sewers to the expanding wastes of Athas. The chief of the wemic tribe wielding Del-gen wades through the forces of Kalid-Ma cutting a bloody swath to reach the Tari Killer himself. The wemic chief lands a single mighty blow against the 15th Champion only to be dispatched by his mastery of the Way and magic. Ythri is soon left in ruins and the remaining tari scatter to the far reaches of the Tyr region.

Beyond the fall of Ythri
● Kalid-Ma continues to hunt down the remaining tari till the 164th King’s Age. Eradicating every known civilized tari settlement. Though successful in evading the Tari Killer and extinction, the tari become nothing more than vagrants over the following centuries. Losing any and all knowledge of their past and once great civilization. Once Kalid-Ma and the other Champions betray Rajaat and imprison him within the Black, the Tari Killer ceases his war and turns his attention to other matters. Satisfied that he has taken his rightful vengeance against the tari…