Templar Advanced Being discussion

From the wizard’s forum back in the day. Also discussed is how much the Sorcerer Monarchs know about what spells their Templars are casting.

Read then discuss.

I think it’s an interesting topic. There are some aspects I like about the idea of Templars becoming an “advanced being” or something similar to what 4e did with the Hordemaster but a neutral or evil version who proselytizes for their SK.

But it think I would prefer that as a Templar advances he or she becomes more of an extension of their sorcerer king not less. Not more independent. Not able to separate from their SK. And that it also fuels the transformation of the SK into a dragon.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be magic or Psionics that are provided to the “advanced being” but more of influence and intrigue and followers. I know 2e Templars don’t get followers like Clerics do, but this may be the exception.

I’m imagining an advanced Templar who establishes strongholds whose citizens are entirely dedicated to the SK and his efforts.

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I can definitely mechanically see why Templars should have a AB option, but I’d have to have a great story/setting component to make it make sense.

I could definitely see a Templar becoming an extension of their SM and/or retaining their spells after the SM’s death.

I know the Epic Templar rules say that a SM wouldn’t allow an Epic Templar to survive, as it would be a threat to them, so that’ll have to get conceptually worked in somehow. i suppose you’d also have to sort out if SM’s can withdraw spellcasting from their Templars.

Its definitely a cool idea - it’ll just a whole can of worms…


I’m not sure what they’d turn into, but I like the idea of a Templar getting control of an elemental vortex, either from a SK that was killed, or killing them themselves and then using that power to fuel their own transformation.

Maybe they turn into some kind of demonic creature. Seems to fit with templar corruption, their moral corruption turns them into physical corruption ala the Warhammer Chaos Gods. Mmm… I like that!


I just can’t agree with the majority so far. I understand from a game systems perspective it would be fair. But life on Athas isn’t fair. It would be unlikely a SM would tolerate such a powerful servant. It’s just overkill. The SM only needs hordes of weaker templars to keep his or her citizens in line. Beyond running the city’s various responsibilities and keeping the populace in line they serve no real purpose. No Sorcerer Monarch needs such a powerful lackey. It’s not like they send them out to adventure for buried artifacts or anything else that would require high level.

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Yeah, totally. I just don’t necessarily think that because a SM wouldn’t let something happen, it isn’t a good reason to not do it.

But, that’s the whole conversation…

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I agree, it wouldn’t likely be in tandem with a SK, it would be as a replacement.


I can’t see SMs allowing a templar to transform into something that could pose a threat to their rule. It would definitely be something the templar would need to hide.

That said, I do like the thought of them trying to steal or syphon a bit of their monarch’s vortice for more than just spellcasting.

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