Templar Favored Weapons

I know the longsword is the favored weapon of Hamanu & his templars from the Templar entry in the Campaign Setting. Is there a list of the favored weapons of the other Sorcerer Kings anywhere?

I think I’ve read that carrikal = Gulg & macuahuitl = Draj, but I’d like to be sure.

I’m not sure if it is called out in the 3.5e material. I will look again.

However, this article may be of interest.


There was a list put together in the pathfinder conversion done by Bodhizen

Conversion is found here

Scimitar, Falchion & Kukri?

Did they get rid of the Dark Sun weapons for that conversion?

I don’t think so. There is a table of DS specific weapons on pg 64.

I think Dood just put favored weapons for SKs for what he thought matched them thematically.

Though I don’t recall Templars in 2e or 3.5as having favored weapons. That was a 3.5e thing for Clerics. The version of the Templar used in that PF conversion is actually an inquisitor class.

You’re right, I saw the blurb about Hamanu’s templar’s favored weapon (due to the War Domain) and mistakenly though all of them were supposed to have one.

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