Templar's spellcasting vernacular

In the novels, when the templars cast a spell, they aren’t speaking the language of magic, rather they use normal words as a verbal component. I asked ChatGTP-4 to come up with some interesting thing for templars to say when casting spells. Here is my prompt -

In the dark sun setting there are spellcasting templars. When they cast a Spell, they invoke the name of their Sorcerer Monarch and allude to the spell they are casting. For example, a templar casting a lightning bolt might say “in the name of King Kalak, a bolt from the heavens!”. Using the 3.5e spells, come up with words templars might say for a selection of 20 spells from the SRD 3.5

Note that ChatGPT-4 is choosing spells at random from the SRD, not spells from the 3.5e templar spell list, which I did not tell it about. ChatGTP-4 also seems to have seen some homebrew somewhere, because it makes Sorcerer Monarchs that do not officially exist. Here is the output.

  1. Magic Missile “By the grace of Sorcerer King Tithian, I unleash these guided darts of arcane force!”
  2. Sleep “In the name of Queen Abalach-Re, let slumber overtake our foes!”
  3. Mage Armor “Under King Hamanu’s watchful eye, may this ethereal shield protect me!”
  4. Summon Monster I “With the power of King Ozymandias, I call forth a creature to aid us in battle!”
  5. Charm Person “By Queen Sielba’s command, let your will align with mine!”
  6. Disguise Self “In the name of King Nibenay, grant me the art of deception!”
  7. Burning Hands “As Sorcerer Queen Lalali-Puy commands, feel the fury of my fiery grasp!”
  8. Grease “By King Dregoth’s cunning, let the ground betray our enemies!”
  9. Shield “Under the protection of King Kalak, I summon this barrier of force!”
  10. Expeditious Retreat “With the speed of Queen Alaa, may I swiftly evade peril!”
  11. Feather Fall “By the grace of King Andropinis, let me descend as gently as a feather!”
  12. Color Spray “As Sorcerer Queen Orlium commands, let the dazzling light bewilder our foes!”
  13. Enlarge Person “In the name of King Borys, may your size and might grow to match your courage!”
  14. Reduce Person “By the power of Sorcerer Queen Lysalia, let your form be diminished!”
  15. Floating Disk “Under King Verrasi’s command, let this arcane platform serve our needs!”
  16. Ray of Enfeeblement “By the will of Queen Zalika, let your strength be sapped!”
  17. Obscuring Mist “As Sorcerer King Myronides commands, let the fog conceal our movements!”
  18. Detect Magic “In the name of Queen Riatha, reveal to me the secrets of the arcane!”
  19. Hold Person “By the authority of King Gallard, let your body be bound by unseen chains!”
    20 .Web “With the cunning of Sorcerer Queen Elyanna, let this tangled weave ensnare our foes!”

ChatGTP-4 is not trained on DnD or on Dark Sun. It’s still very capable.


WOW! This is really cool. I am amazed at how well ChatGTP-4 did. Keeping each spell invocation different and flavorful.

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The capabilities are remarkable, and this is only the 4th version of ChatGTP. I’ve already generated many Athasian themed domains for clerics and templars. I’ll post them later in another post.

Really? It can do that too? Very cool. I definitely would like to see them. I’m going to look into ChatGTP this weekend. Thanks Redking

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Keep in mind that I am referring to the paid version 4, not the free version 3.5.

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Here are 20 more.

  1. Light - “In the name of King Andropinis of Balic, let the darkness flee before the light!”
  2. Invisibility - “Under the cloak of King Kalak of Tyr, may I fade from sight!”
  3. Mirror Image - “With King Kalid-Ma’s trickery, create my doppelgangers to confuse our enemies!”
  4. Silence - “By the authority of King Tectuktitlay of Draj, let silence reign over the clamor!”
  5. Darkness - “As King Nibenay of Nibenay commands, let shadows engulf our surroundings!”
  6. Detect Poison - “Under the watchful eyes of Queen Sielba of Yaramuke, reveal to me the presence of venom!”
  7. Knock - “By King Hamanu of Urik’s command, let no door stand in our way!”
  8. Shatter - “With King Daskinor of Eldaarich’s rage, let the fragile be broken!”
  9. Blur - “In Queen Abalach-Re’s mystery, let our forms become elusive and indistinct!”
  10. Acid Arrow - “With the venom of King Dregoth of Giustenal, let the corrosive bolt fly!”
  11. Gust of Wind - “Under King Oronis of Kurn’s control, let the winds rise to thwart our foes!”
  12. Scorching Ray - “In the name of Queen Oba Lalali-Puy of Gulg, may my foes feel the searing heat of my wrath!”
  13. Levitate - “By King Borys of Ur Draxa’s might, let us rise above our challenges!”
  14. Glitterdust - “As Queen Sielba commands, let the glittering dust reveal what is hidden!”
  15. Hideous Laughter - “In King Daskinor’s twisted humor, let laughter bind and incapacitate!”
  16. Spider Climb - “Under the guidance of King Kalid-Ma, grant us the spider’s climb!”
  17. See Invisibility - “By Queen Oba Lalali-Puy’s sight, reveal the unseen!”
  18. Flame Blade - “With the fury of King Hamanu, let my blade burn with fiery wrath!”
  19. Stone Shape - “By King Tectuktitlay’s command, let the stone obey my will!”
  20. Barkskin - “As King Borys of Ur Draxa commands, let our skin harden like the toughest bark!”