Temple of Elemental Air in Nibenay

In my group, I have an air cleric visiting Nibenay for the first time. I recalled that clerics were tolerated, if not respected in this particular city-state, and they even run temples. So, naturally, I picked up Ivory Triangle to check more details about the temple of elemental air. Much to my surprise, there was no mention of such a temple. You had Earth, Sun (Fire), Water, but no Air. I later checked Marauders of Nibenay, but even there I couldn’t find any information about the clerics of elemental air.

Am I missing something here?

As a side note: while the Ivory Triangle mentions earth and water as being the most popular within the city, the Marauders of Nibenay places earth and fire among the most well-respected elements instead.

Look at the handouts for the players:
"Temple of Air, temple of elemental air, High Priest Hanathos
(NE human male Cal 3). His 20 acolytes are often called into

the countryside, where many tenant farmers consider the wind-
storms to be the greatest threat to their livelihood."

Thanks for the heads up. Indeed, that was one of the reasons I believed there should be a temple somewhere. But then, judging by their outlook, they’re better off wandering around the city than restricting their philosophy inside a building.

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