Terrors of the Dead Lands... anyone have a 2E version made?

Or was that too much of a possible infringement on the Dead Lands content? I like this bit that was made for 3.5, but I still stubbornly play 2E.

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I stubbornly play 2e as well! Good for us.
Also, I know some people have the 2e Dead Lands stuff and Dregoth Ascending, but they refuse to give it to othet people because reasons.
I have no idea, other than they feel special for having something that other people want.

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@Rajaat99 I meant the fan-made monster compendium for download here on Athas.org.

Terrors of the Dead Lands covers most Athasian undead, both the types covered in the DS MC1 and 2, and additional types introduced in Secrets of the Dead Lands. So its only the SotDL undead that aren’t already 2nd Ed.
Athas.org’s remit IIRC was to do the 3.X rules, nothing else was allowed. So if there were any 2nd Ed SotDL writeups you wouldn’t see it on the site.

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@Kalindren that goes without saying. My question was has anyone done a conversion - if so I’d be interested in seeing it before I retro convert it myself.

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The people who have digital copies have done an astoundingly good job in not spreading them around, especially since those few digital copies have been extant for nearly 3 decades. I’ve had access to the original 2E manuscripts for both Secrets of the Dead Lands and Dregoth Ascending since the late 90s: first as hardcopies found in a box of random TSR stuff I bought, and later because I was given the digital files (which verified my hardcopies).

On the one hand, I respect the wishes of the person I received the digital files from (back in 1999 or 2000, somewhen around then) who did not want me to spread them. I’ve straight-up ignored requests to share or spread them, and frankly I’m not even sure where the digital is stored at the moment.

On the other hand, I already had access to the full information via those hardcopies, so I have no problem sharing any of the info I know or answering questions (and have done so on this forum in the past). Just don’t ask me to share the original files.

And really, the Athas.org team has done an amazing job with their conversions, even if they take a while: Dregoth Ascending is essentially a fully authentic conversion that remains true to the original in every single way.