Terrors of the Dead Lands: Wraith

Can someone who worked on it remember why the wraith - which is not a template - has the necromant ability, which is given to foes with wizard levels?

As written the wraith cannot have levels.

Likely an Athasian Wraith and not the standard one. The example Athasian wraith in DS Monstrous Compendium 2 is an 11th level fighter, but is unable to use his class abilities.

Could always chalk up the necromant ability as a special undead ability unique to that particular wraith.

I do not think so.

The Necromamt feature elsewhere in TotDL specifically says all wraiths and crimsons have that feature. Wraiths have no list of spells, but crimsons do.

As written the wraith is a monster, not a template. It has no LA, thus no way to acquire spells.

Looks like the wraith was intended as a template, explaining that bit of language.

Frankly, why isn’t it a template?

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The Crimson is a Wizard but should be a Sorcerer in my opinion.

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