The Athasian Sorcerer (before it got excluded from the DS Core Rules)

Here is xlorepdarkhelm’s sorcerer that did not make it into the DS Core Rules 3.5. Seems like a reasonable implementation to me.

Remember, the rationale for there being no sorcerers in Dark Sun is that there were no sorcerers in the DS 2E. But there were no sorcerers in 2E period. Sorcerers are an innovation of 3E.

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I love sorcerers, but the 3/3.5e version just felt like a lackluster version of the wizard class when I tried to play it.
I do think 5e did them justice with the metamagic feature and bloodlines (playing a draconic sorcerer right now and loving it, though I never understood why they don’t have familiars as part of the class options like wizards).
I would love to see a sorcerer kings bloodline done for 5e, that would be awesome.


The Pathfinder version was far better because sorcerers in Pathfinder were fully realized instead of just an afterthought. Pathfinder sorcerers also get eschew materials as a bonus feat, which simply makes sense for a character that discovers magic through instinct instead of study.