The Brown Age AKA the Age of the Sorcerer Kings

Let’s talk about the Brown Age, the Age of the Sorcerer Kings.
I’m going to run a game in the period just after Dregoth was slain, however the rest of the SK’s are still alive. Sielba still rules Yaramuke, Kaldinay is still ruled by Kalid-Ma and Oronis and Daaskinor’s cities in the north are still recognized by the other SKs. There has been no war on the druids.
What do you think is different in this setting?
Is the Veiled Alliance around?
I would think there’s more greenery.
What other places that are “now” ruins have not yet fallen?

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The Veiled Alliance was not founded until close to FY -500, so no. But a similar organization left over resistance from the Cleansing War may still be around.

Celik was destroyed in the Green Age per the Timeline of Athas.

Depending on how close to Dregoth’s death you start, the dragon is still rampaging for 25 years after Dregoth’s death. If you are in that time period, the other kings are probably keeping their cities locked down. I would image there would be little to no travel or trade between the cities. Any merchant houses that exist would be limited to one city.

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