The Brown Elf and the Half Elf

The story of the Brown Elf was one of the most intriguing vignettes in the Dragon Kings supplement. Sadly, no rules were offered for these types of psionically endowed creatures - or as I call them “ultra-phrenics”. Here is a 3.5e template to create your own ultra-phrenic humanoids.

Interesting, looks similar to a human mutation (or subrace) Villichi.

I do feel all such talents must somehow be balanced and be options people can learn (some slowly some with a huge headstart). Like talent for sorcery could be something passed through a bloodline or obtained from a mystical situation (born during astrological event, exposed to strong magic, or some destiny). But I prefer this can also be obtained by one’s actions, be that obsessive study or training, experimenting with rituals or even a pact like warlock.

Many games have a system of advantages and disadvantages that could help add balanced extra options. Typical disadvantages are restrictions following a code (vow or belief), aging, injuries and insanity/derangements. These could have a penalty like a -1 to a score and allow to spend a point on some benefit. Benefits can be a level of wealth or influence (increasing exponentially), specific items or allies. You could also have enemies or owe favors to allies like a negative wealth.
Unspent points can be represented as a karma / fatepoint / edge / luck rating. You can win and lose some based on what a DM throws at you, and earn extra by good roleplaying. Any of these may change suddenly with magical healing (with costs luck/… or give another disadvantage).

Extra psionic talent is a great benefit. Instead of a Wilder class, a psion (or any class) could buy a combination of drawbacks and benefits, giving less control for more power. This can give extra circumstantial bonuses when enraged or desperate, and of course give good role-playing opportunities.

More permanent abilities are better suited as class abilities, extra could be added together with a penalty like specialized powers. Later one can remove these penalties instead of picking a new ability.

This can be combined to achieve the above talent. A psion may have a telekinetic specialization and be extra talented but have a derangement (anger). If found sooner the boy above could have learned proper technigues and contain his rage. This is separate from class and either remaining a specialist or become an all-around psion.

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This template isn’t balanced for PCs. I didn’t include Level Adjustment for that reason. The template also a glass cannon until the NPC gets some levels under its belt.

I figure that Rajaat was an ultra-phrenic.