The Buried City

On a map that came with the revised setting box set, there is a ruin labeled “Buried City” just east of Foul Puddle oasis. Is there any canon material about it? I’ve been wondering about it for over 20 years…

Revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting p.105 paragraph 4.

“While his tribe conducts raids or ambushes members of the other Bandit States, Densis travels north to the ruins of the Buried City. He has been exploring the site for almost three years, and each time he returns to Spoil he has a bit more power at his command. Few of his followers will accompany him to the ruins, for they believe that the place is haunted by terrible spirits and undead creatures. The fact that Densis regularly communes with these beings makes him more important in their eyes - and that much more frightening.”

That’s all i could find with a quick search. Hope this helps.

P.S. Is it okay to quote source books?